Live Your Life

via Daily Prompt: Resist

Time and time again life can get so hectic and we are not sure what to do! One person is saying do this, while another says, no do it this way! When all we want to do is resist and live life our own way.

Sometimes we get so caught up in what’s going on around the world and in our own country, that we tend to forget about our own lives. We need to start doing things in our own lives that make us happy, not what make someone else’s life easier!

It’s okay to be there for others to lend a helping hand- just don’t take over and complete the task for them- show the other person they can be independent! Resist being the go to person that everyone always tries to take advantage of! It’s okay to say no I can’t help you, or I’m busy. Soon they will understand and learn to make a change for themselves.

Being happy and content with your life should always be your first priority. Never forget how important you are and  what you can accomplish when given the time and space.

:)Teresa Creation’s


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