Winter Air

via Daily Prompt: Clean

This time of the year is filled with so many different season’s in one! Yes it is winter on this February day- within the last week we’ve experienced summer, spring, fall and winter. Yesterday it was a little cloudy with a nice warm wind, but during the night it was pouring rain! We woke up to clean smelling fresh air with some sunshine.

Last week we had shorts wearing warm weather and poring rain within days of each other.

It seems Mother Nature can’t decide how she wants to finish our week off. But that’s okay, I’m loving our beautiful winter. The good thing from our mixed up weather is with the pouring rain last week, we now have our rivers filled up!  And with all the mixed rain and sunshine we will have lots of lovely bloomed flower’s soon.

Whatever our weather is going to be tomorrow- I’m going to be happy with another Beautiful  day here on our precious Earth! It’s up to us all to keep her clean and alive with happiness!


©Photo Credit Belongs To Teresa Creation’s


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