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Lost Souls

via Daily Prompt: Overwhelming

Our every day life is full of different kinds of people. We go through our every day life with only one thing on our minds, to survive another day. Some of us go to work others to school and still some stay home. We live in a world where we want to accomplish the American Dream”- Which to most of us it is to have a family, a well paying job, a home and a car.

But what about those who have had a bump in the road and will never get to that point in their lives? We see them on the street sleeping in the park and eating from the garbage cans- How overwhelming their lives must be.  We never really think about those who don’t have a place to call home. Why is this?  Most just turn their heads away and pretend not to see.

We will never know their story or how their life became where they now are. It’s sad to think about how something so tragic made them become homeless! How maybe their families don’t know this is there life, or would they even care. If one of my family members were in that same situation I would want to know. To give them a helping hand of some sorts.

Someone needs to care about these lost souls- maybe offer a bite to eat or a blanket to help keep warm. I know this won’t fix the problem, but it’s a start, to just be kind. You never know where your own life will lead you and you may be that person who will need a helping hand some day!


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