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I never thought I would ever own a dog, but this little one was too irresistible for me to say no thank you. He was the cutest little puppy I have ever seen, just about a foot high and a long black tail. He seemed so scared with a little tremble hiding under the stairs. Just a few weeks since he was born into our world.

When he finally came to me I couldn’t let him go. His black fluffiness, cute floppy ears and white tuxedo was so perfect. He was my new puppy, we bonded instantly and he became my new pet.

Now seven years later and Chico is about a hundred pounds of lovable fun. He’s learned many tricks and many words. He understands the words treat, walk, leash, sit, stay, toy, and countless others. Chico loves to play at the park and do summer saws as well as going down the slide.

Chico is a very kind and gentle pet. His dad is a Mastiff and his mom was an unknown mixed breed.


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