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Our Expensive World

Sometimes life can get so hectic and bills just keep coming with less and less hours at work! When will all the bills just stop and go away!? We end up paying so much taxes and less money comes back to us, why?

It would be nice to be able to enjoy our full earnings for once, don’t you agree?

To enjoy life without having to pay so much on utilities would be such a blessing! To have more money to spend on what is important to us, like family getaways or to do small upgrades on our home.

I miss when life was so much easier, way back when there wasn’t so much responsibility in our lives, don’t you?

As a child you think being an adult is having so much freedom in your life and doing whatever you choose to. Not having to worry about your mom saying, “No, you can’t go there or do that!” But as an adult you realize you are still unable to have the freedom to do those things anyway!

Unless you are able to live paycheck to paycheck and learn to save and do without some of the little luxuries in life. Which is what most of us do in our expensive world today.

So too all the younger generations, I say to you, enjoy your life before it gets limited.



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