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Walmart Does What Now?

This is something that has been on  my mind for some time now. Is anyone else not liking the new Walmart receipt checking on the way out? Well I sure don’t care for this and I don’t think they should be doing this! I pay for my membership at Costco so I don’t mind stopping at the door and showing my receipt.

I’m not sure if this is just in my neck of the woods or everywhere.

My son came home from Walmart one day saying he felt harassed when he tried to walk out of the store without showing his receipt and the worker at the door was saying he had to show it before he left. I called right away and spoke with the manager, who said this is their new policy. Well my husband and I never stop and show anything to them and we are never stopped. He just kept saying its their new policy.

I seen a couple leaving Walmart very pissed at the worker asking for their receipt after purchasing a pack of gum. He refused to show and walked out of the store on a rant. Saying they’ve spent thousands of dollars at this store and shouldn’t have to stand in line to show his freaking receipt.

I agree with this couple, I mean come on this is Walmart,  no other store does this, that I know of  except Costco.

Please let me know what your thoughts are on this.



2 thoughts on “Walmart Does What Now?”

  1. I agree this can be kind of annoying. I hardly ever go to wal-mart so I haven’t noticed this new policy yet, however big shopping centers like Costco (I love Costco) does it to make sure less things get stolen. Give them a break they give a lot away for less than sale price and even for free. The boyfriend and I used the self check out a few months ago and a product had scanned higher than what we saw on the ticket in front of the product, a lady immediately came over and gave it to us for the price I thought I saw. I could have said anything like this said it was only a dollar and I probably could have got away with it. It was bathroom mat for like 10 bucks or something. She didn’t even do a price check. As much as I don’t like most experiences at wal mart (mainly cause I am not a crowd person) it is little things like this when they go actually try to meet my needs, I can understand stores trying to find ways so they don’t lose money. I also work in pricing for a store, so I may understand more the frustrations when your store gets stolen goods or loses money no matter how hard you work to avoid it from happening. So yeah sure it’s annoying, but if it was your business you wouldn’t want people stealing your stuff.

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