Question Challenge

She’s My Baby Sister Too!

Question Challenge #3

I remember being just three years old, we moved into our own apartment in a small city in California. Life was very different in the 1970’s for a single mother with four girls.

I was the third child of four and not being able to feed my younger baby sister was a big deal for me. While my two older sisters were able to help with our new baby, it was not easy for me to understand why, just because I wasn’t as old as them shouldn’t have made a difference. I just wanted to help out with some type of care for her, after all she was my baby sister too!

Remembering now it seems kind of silly to get mad at something so simple. We all have different emotions when it comes to having a new baby join our family, mine was to just help with her care even if it was to just get a chance to feed her.

She is still my baby sister and we’ve been there for each other every step of the way though out our lives. I love my sister with all the strength my heart has.



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