Daily Word

Daily Word for Feb. 23


I am radiantly and vitally alive.

Water poured on a thirsty plant will cause it to perk up again. Rain falling on a parched field soaks to the roots and soon the field is lush again.

When I feel depleted, I acknowledge the indwelling Holy Spirit that flows through me, restoring and revitalizing. Quiet moments of prayer open paths through which this healing Spirit can reach the depths of the Holy Spirit and feel the beginnings of wholeness.

That same Spirit dwells within my family and friends as healing energy and renewal. I hold each one in prayerful thought and visualize health, healing and wholeness.

I give thanks for the healing energy that renews and regenerates. I am vitally alive.

Then he prayed again and the heaven gave rain and the earth yielded its harvest.- James 5:18

©Photo Credit Belongs To Teresa Creation’s


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