Question Challenge

Question Challenge #5

Thinking about pets you’ve had in your life, is there any who had special meaning for you?

Please link this post to your question answer or add your link below. I hope you enjoy my question challenge, which I post three times a week. In hopes to inspire your writings.



2 thoughts on “Question Challenge #5”

  1. Even though I was allergic we had a beautiful tabby. I adored her but in 2010 while in ICU they wouldn’t let me go home with her in the house and they had to give her to a nice place and wash all the carpets and floors. I miss her every day but she brought me great joy! I have pictures and memories to take me into my dreams with her 🙂 TY for listening. 🙂


  2. I had a white poodle named spooky he was my sister and I companion …he followed us and protected us everywhere 😊 but unfortunately we couldn’t keep him any longer we had to give him away to a loving home I miss him ever since

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