Daily Word

Daily Word for March 2


I affirm my oneness with God.

Affirmations are declarations of faith – useful tools that keep me focused on the positive aspects of life. Positive statements – such as, I am a happy, healthy child of God, or I am prosperous, successful and free – place me in a positive frame of mind that allows me to visualize blessings coming my way. The combination of speaking affirming words and visualizing their fruition is a powerful exercise in faith.

I can cut out Daily Word pages and tape them to my mirror or wall for reminders, or I can write my own unique affirmations specific to my goals. The important thing is that they are personal to me and from the heart.

As I pray today, I use words of faith to help me stay positive and focused

Let me hear what God the Lord will speak, for He will sneak peace to His people., – Psalm 85:8


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