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My Sunflower

Question Challenge #5

Growing up we always had some type of pet in our home, whether it was a dog, hamster, mouse, rabbit or cats. Cats were the most common pet we had, sometimes three or four at a time.

As I grew up and moved out we had several dogs, at different times of course, for our boy’s when they were younger. For some reason we never really had them for too long. I think it was too much for the boy’s.

After giving our last dog away, before moving to our new home in the valley, I thought I would never have another pet again.

Then one year for valentine’s day my husband brought home a beautiful yellow and gray cockatiel as my gift. He was so soft and beautiful, he was also an injured bird who needed saving. I called him Fabio, don’t know why I chose that name or if my pet was even a male. My Fabio only survived a year, it was the hardest feeling in the world for me to deal with his loss.

The following year my husband brought another cockatiel, but this one was a female I think. I called her Sunflower, she was the brightest yellow with orange circles on her cheeks. She was so beautiful and instantly she became my baby. We clipped her wings a little so she wouldn’t fly everywhere in the house. She would strut around the house like she was ten feet tall and a bad ass.

When our nieces or nephews came to visit I would put Sunflower on their arm, she always loved the attention. Sometimes Sunflower would sit on my shoulder while I watch TV and twiddle with my hair. We became so close to each other.

One of my family members came to stay with us for a month and she also had a bird, an African Parrot, who was a little sick. She eventually moved out, but her birds illness got my Sunflower sick and she didn’t survive, we buried her in our back yard. This broke my heart deeply I couldn’t handle loosing her. I just cried for days, and asked my husband not to bring another bird home- I can’t go through losing another pet bird after getting so close to her.

We now have a pet dog, which I didn’t think I was ready for another pet. We were given Chico back in 2009 and he means the world to us all. He is a lovable  Mastiff Mix.



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