Daily Word

Daily Word for March 3

Inner Peace

I am present to this moment of peace and serenity.

Even on my best days, life situations can seem chaotic, causing me to lose my mental grounding. When this happens, I bring my attention away from my thinking mind and instead focus on the energy of my heart. Silently I affirm: Peace, be still.

Through quiet times of prayer, I recognize that divine love supports me in being peaceful. Embodying serenity, I am like the calm center of a storm. Even though the winds of life may be swirling around me, I remain centered. Again, I affirm: Peace, be still.

At any time I can turn within to a sanctuary of peace. This truth helps me relax into a true state of tranquility that I can then infuse into any situation. I embrace an attitude of peacefulness by drawing upon the serenity and love that are ever present in my soul.

Peace! Be still! – Mark 4:39


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