Question Challenge

If I Could Kill A Word…

Question Challenge #6

If I could kill a word it would be, “hate”

This is a word the world could do without! There is too much of this going on in the world and I wish it weren’t true.

We need more love, caring and kindness spreading so much more than hate. All this negativity is turning people against each other and nothing good will come from this.

There are many in fear to simply walk outside their homes, to shop or have lunch with the horror of strangers who stare and mumble words of hatred.

How did our world become like this?

Life has seem to become so challenging. How can we overcome whats happening in our daily lives?

How do we explain to our children why this is so? How can we teach them when they see and hear hatred directly from our commander-in-chief? Who says whatever he pleases to others regardless of what the consequences may be.

We can do our best not to be divided and come together with positive thoughts for our future kids, who will one day lead our world.

If I could kill a word it would be “hate”




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