Creative Writing

A Women’s Love

*Photo Credit Belongs to Teresa Creation’s*

Reality Changers

I seen a YouTube video that really got me thinking. Why do some men have such a hard time showing affection to the women in their lives?  He was sending a message to his wife on National Woman’s Day and ended up getting some negative responses. Why? I don’t understand how a man can’t say positive things about his wife, mother or child without someone telling him he’s whipped!

For some men to laugh or degrade him for this just blows my mind. We live in a time where its okay to speak your mind of your significant other. I commend him for showing his wife love that most men won’t, in fear of being seen as a lesser man.

When in reality this is very courageous, for any man to share his thought of his wife with the world. To show his true love and yell it out to the whole world yo hear.

Many men are even embarrassed to even hold their wife’s hand or kiss her in public. To me this is showing no love for her at all. A woman should always be shown and told how special they are. Even the smallest gesture as opening a door for her.

Women are so much deserving of the pride they show you in return, plus so much more.

A lot of women are the ones who have the strength to hold her family together with her heart. Not many men can do the same. So show the women In your life how much they mean to you every chance you get!

Without women most men would be lost



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