Daily Word

Daily Word for March 15


I choose to view my world and myself from a higher perspective.

The view from an airplane or skyscraper provides an entirely different aspect of the ground below. Where the hustle and bustle of people and vehicles moving back and forth is apparent to those in the midst of it, from a higher perspective the busyness of the individuals melts into a patchwork of landscape.

Any time I feel confused or overwhelmed, I may find myself using tunnel vision, seeing only the challenges right in front of me. But as I turn my thoughts to God, I find myself viewing my world from a higher divine perspective. I rise above the seeming chaos and trust in the order that I may not be able to see at that time.

I have faith that the wisdom of God is guiding me to a beneficial outcome. My higher perspective gives me peace to know that all is well.

The Lord your God is indeed God in heaven above and on earth below. – Joshua 2:11

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