Creative Writing

Family First

High school can be real tough to get through. Trying to make new friends and hold on to old ones.

What are the right clothes or shoes to wear, how to style your hair. So much goes into surviving school and on top of that getting good grades.

High school is so much like a popularity contest and getting with the right crowd.

This is what the average teenager is thinking about.

Why, when most won’t even be in contact when they finish high school. I hear teens are going through so much drama with the, he said she said, rumors that seem to overcome many.

With the rumors somehow welcomes many teens to become bullied and others tend to rebel at home and school.

Bullying affects one out of three teens, that can lead to much more damage. Some drop out of school and never talk to an adult about their problems, others take a step farther and hurt themselves.

I wish more adults would invest their time into their children’s lives. Spend time with your kid’s, learn who they are and what interests them. Be someone they can go to without being judged.

They are judged on a daily basis by their peers at school they don’t need the same at home. A safe place to be themselves should always be with family.

Teach your kid’s to speak up, be truthful and caring of other peoples feelings. The lessons learned at home will form the adults they will become later in life.



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