Question Challenge

Future of our Youth

Answer to: Question Challenge #7

I think its very important for our youth to learn to respect others with a whole heart. I know most of our youth now days have problems with authority and can be very rude.

I would teach them how to learn to use their words properly and not out of anger or disrespect. There is more than enough adult hate and anger already in this world without having our younger generation grow learning the same.

By teaching them to listen and respond properly and with an open mind to be considerate other opinions too. There is so much we can teach the younger generation so they won’t repeat past history mistakes.

Maybe we will have a future leader who won’t judge everyone and everything for no reason except he can.

If some of the leaders today had someone to teach and inspire them to be respectful and kind, maybe our world would be in a better state of life.

Everyday we have the chance to inspire our youth’s and it’s a never-ending gift we can give.


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