Reasons To Stay Alive

Styliana Dimitriou

Hey guys! How are you? Hope, you are all doing well. The reason of this blog post today is because of some topical news that I’ve read this morning and they messed me up.

I’ve always cared and showed interest in mental health issues because I’m dealing with some of them myself. And what I’ve read today was that a single father who was dealing with depression, committed suicide after he killed his one ten-year-old kid.  He killed his little girl because he didn’t want her to be and grow up alone. That’s when it hit me, I felt awful because he had to think that way. Of course, I don’t blame him, no one can know what goes through someone’s mind or what they are dealing with, in their everyday life. The saddest part of it all, is that he showed suicidal signs to his friends but no one…

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