Daily Word

Daily Word for April 7


I see clearly with eyes of love.

Vision can be our physical sight; it can be a dream of what is possible; and it can be how we view our life and circumstances.

As I center my thoughts on the unconditional love of God has for me and all others, I feel a shift in my vision of life. I fin so much to be grateful for rather than focusing on what I think I lack. I discover that within conflicts lie opportunities for deeper connections. I look for ways to understand the opinions, stories and emotions of others so that we can find common ground. I explore what Spirit is revealing to me about my gifts and my spiritual power through every challenge and success. I view the world with love and forgiveness. My vision is clear when I see with the eyes of love.

But blessed are your eyes, for they see and your ears, for they hear. – Matthew 13:16


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