Movie Review: The Edge of Seventeen

I just watched this heartfelt movie called “The Edge of Seventeen”. I wasn’t sure how the story line was going to go since I’ve never seen the trailer.

This is a movie with a lot of emotion most teens are probably dealing with that no one really knows of.  Most teens don’t like to talk about their home or personal life. They just try to deal with these problems on their own. Not knowing what to do almost 100% of the time.

First there is the relationship between the parents and the kids. Unfortunately this is how most families are, whether it’s with both or just one parent in the picture.

I was like, wow I love how Nadine, Hailee Steinfeld, could easily go to her teacher, Woody Harrelson, to talk about her personal life and seek his help. I don’t know of any teen who feels or felt this comfortable talking to a teacher like this, I know I didn’t. But the relationship between the two is a very big part of the movie, and I do appreciate the bond.

It’s funny how the issues between Nadine and her mother, Kyra Sedgwick, are never discussed in the movie but it’s mainly implied.  I know most girls don’t get along with their mothers as one would think, but their relationship takes it to a whole different level. With no loving bond what so ever, but the bond between her mother and brother Darian, Blake Jenner, is total opposite.

Then Nadine has issues with the relationship between her brother and mother, because she feels Darian gets everything he wants from mom and life. This isn’t the truth though. The only person within her family that she can depend on is her father, Eric Keenleyside, but when he passes she feels all alone.

Now the one she can depend on is her friend Krista, Haley Lu Richardson, Until she feels betrayed by her when she hooks up with her brother, then their friendship is over. Nadine can’t deal with the two of them together and this pushes her to the edge.

I won’t give the ending away, I feel I gave more than that to you already! I feel this is a must see movie.  So much emotion and real issues that no one ever talks about. Please let me know what your thoughts are on this film if you’ve seen it too.



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