Daily Word

Daily Word for April 9


I am filled with hope!

Jesus came to Jerusalem as a hero after many healings and bringing Lazarus back to life. Those who saw him were filled with hope and laid down their cloaks and palm leaves to honor him. He continued to demonstrate humility and the willingness to serve.

I have sometimes been willful, wanting to have things my way, unbending. I discovered, though, that my highest and best is not served by insistence, but rather by opening to the will of God in all ways. I continually learn the power of nonresistance.

Jesus’ story is one of overcoming. As I move through my life humbly, being of service to others, I pray that my life is one of overcoming, too. I trust that I will continually be led and guided and I am filled with hope.

The Son of Man came not to be served but to serve. – Matthew 20:28


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