Don’t Allow Fear of Failure to Determine Your Success

Interesting advice and info! :)Teresa

Jay Colby

Have you ever allowed fear of failure deter you from pursing something you’ve always wanted to do? Has fear ever determined your fate, for lack of faith or belief in your own abilities?

Many of us have likely been through situations in our lifetime when we let fear get the best of us. Often times, when we start to think about taking a risk or chance in life limiting beliefs can start to enter our minds. Reminding us we cannot succeed for whatever reason, and we probably should just give up before we fail. In our society, failure is looked upon in a negative connotation as something we should avoid at all cost. Therefore, many people pass on these limiting beliefs to their children and community believing that they’re saving them from regret and failure. Thus, causing many children and young adults to develop a mindset that there is only…

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