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Birth of Our Second Child

Giving birth to your children is something you will always remember and 25 years has not changed our memory.

We thought we were going to have our baby on Easter when my water broke. We freaked out not knowing what to do. I called my sister since the same happened to her just a month before, she said to go in to the hospital.

I wasn’t having any pains at this time, my husband called the hospital, they said to bring me in quickly. Yep we rushed there not knowing what to expect since our first delivery was very different. We were seen immediately and was told it was too soon, I wasn’t dilated at all, to go home and come back the next day after I had done lot’s of walking.

We were confused about this but followed the doctor’s order and went home. We returned at two pm the next day, which was a Monday.  I was admitted and given a room. It seemed like forever until my contractions began.  This being our second pregnancy, it was so different from our first delivery.

I was finally dilated enough to be sent to the delivery room. I thought is was going to be just like my first, but I was wrong.

The doctor told me I had to have a C-Section, but didn’t say why.  Which meant I had to have an epidural shot in my spine. I was very scared as I have heard many stories of how unsafe it is and how I could end up with back problems though out my life. I refused the shot in my back, the doctor then tried to numb me in my stomach and thighs, with no success.

While all of this is going on my contractions are getting worst as time goes by. I asked if I could just push to deliver him. The doctor check on our baby once more to see how he was doing and found him in an awkward position. Instead of his body being straight, his head was as if he was looking up. If I pushed his neck would break, this was the reason I needed have a cesarean.

For this reason I agreed to have the epidural in my back. Our son wanted to see where he was going.

With my contractions coming constantly and I was unable to push, this was very difficult for me, to not be able to move for the epidural to be put correctly into my spine. The nurse explained to us that if I moved the needle could be inserted incorrectly and we would have to start over again. After a couple tries a nurse helped calm me while the shot was given.

By this time we had both lost track of time and it was delivery time. They put up a blanket barrier so we couldn’t see the cesarean being done. It seemed like minuets had passed when we heard the cry of our new baby boy! I remember looking at my husband with tears in our eyes as we heard his voice. He was born at 2:19 am and he was 7 lbs. 6 oz.

We are now parents of a new baby boy!

It’s now our son’s 25th birthday and we still remember the day of his birth so clearly.

We love you son & happy birthday💕


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