Daily Two Word Prompt

Daily Two-Word Prompt #60

"Flower's Bloom" Write a story or poem using the two-word prompt. Be creative and have fun writing! Please link your response to this post or add you link to the comments below, so others can view. :)Teresa

Daily Word

Daily Word for May 31

Forgive I forgive and live in the joy of each day. The law of mind action states: Thoughts held in mind produce after their kind. I am a creative thinker who is fully responsible for my thoughts. So while in prayer, I replace negative thoughts with positive ones. If someone has done or said something… Continue reading Daily Word for May 31

Daily Word

Beautiful Love

*Photo credit taken by Teresa Creation's* There’s always amazing warmth and love With each celebration, there is sublime peace And serenity with every conversation, With every laughter, It’s as if God has brought us together To share in each other’s lives To bring us closer together With all that is good and right And sharing… Continue reading Beautiful Love