Daily Word

Daily Word for May 15

New Chapter

Each day holds the potential for a new chapter in my life.

My life is like a book – an ever-unfolding story, presenting new adventures and possibilities at each turn of the page. Events and activities continue along, building upon the narrative of my life.

I am the author of each chapter, writing my story according to the choices I make. When I want to change the direction of my path, I make choices that open the way to new adventures.

When I feel the need for order and calm, I choose thoughts of peace and act from the place of order within me. If I am looking for new avenues of prosperity, I attune to divine ideas and affirm that I am divinely provided for.

Whatever direction my personal story takes, I remember that I am the co-author with God. With faith and gratitude, I write new chapters in the story of my life.

Write the vision; make it plain. – Habakkuk 2:2


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