Daily Prompt

Daily Prompt: Imaginary

Will I be happy or sad today Thoughts of your day begin taking place Still laying in bed Your mind starts overwhelming Next anxiety starts to take over Your not sure who you'll be In Just a split second Your mind is a jumbled With a deep breaths your thoughts Slowly come into focus Still… Continue reading Daily Prompt: Imaginary

Daily Word

Of Life

As the turn of a light switch, Things can happen just as quickly, So enjoy every minute Of life, There’s only your own Hindrances and limitations That we set upon Ourselves To hold us back From doing those things We’ve never dreamed of doing, We only live once, So there’s no reason Not to fulfill… Continue reading Of Life

Daily Word

Daily Word for June 3

Season of Life I go through and grow through the seasons of life. Some areas of the world enjoy seasonal weather, with spring giving way to summer, then fall and winter. During these times, trees and foliage reflect these various stages. I, too, am moving onward, my life and body reflecting the natural progressions of… Continue reading Daily Word for June 3