Daily Word

Daily Word for June 4

Let Go, Let God

In the Silence, I feel the presence and peace of God.

Jesus went to the mountaintop to pray. He left the crowds and His disciples to be fully present in the Silence. My mountaintop retreat may be symbolic as I seek time apart. Whether in a chapel, a favorite chair, or quiet moments carved out from a hectic schedule, I spend time in silent communion with God.

In the Silence, I turn within to a private meeting place. In this inner chamber, away from outer distractions, I pray, meditate and listen. I am open and receptive to the still, small voice, to inspiration, to divine direction. Here in sacred oneness, I feel the assurance and peace of God. I relax my body, gently set aside my concerns, focus on my breathing and allow myself to be enfolded in divine love. In the Silence, there is peace as I let go and let God.

 He went up the mountain by himself to pray. When evening came, he was there alone. – Matthew 14:23


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