Daily Word

Daily Word for June 7


I ask, listen and follow the guidance I receive.

Each morning as I awake, even before I get out of bed, I take a few moments to listen. Sometimes, I hear the early morning songs of birds. Sometimes I hear the rustling of other early-morning risers. Other times, I simply hear the stillness, inviting me to turn within and listen.

In these hushed early-morning times I attune to God, open to quiet whispers in my heart. I listen with my heart and with my mind, knowing that answers come in the perfect time and way.

God may speak to me as a quiet nudging of my spirit, as words on a page that suddenly hold a new meaning, or as the wise voice of a trusted loved one. In whatever form my guidance comes, I remain open and receptive to the answers I seek.

He said to the, “Listen to the dream that I dreamed.” – Genesis 37:6


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