Creative Writing

Blackout Night

Ok, so yesterday we had a couple of brownouts that turned into blackouts. In California we were in the triple digits, and will be all week. The first brownout was in the early evening for about fifteen minutes, then everything was out of electricity. This lasted about two hours.

My husband and I went to the backyard, since it was like an oven in the house already. We were in the pool, even though the water was like 70° plus. Since I can’t wet my hand due to my carpal tunnel surgery, I just put my feet in the pool. Then my husband put water on my head as I leaned back on a lawn chair, this was refreshing. We then decided our dog, Chico, needed to be cooled off too and showered him. Since he is too scared of getting in the swimming pool. Crazy but he is.

Okay this was tolerable.

Finally the electricity went back on and we were able to eat dinner comfortable with the air conditioner back on.

Then bam another brownout!

Ten minutes later a full on blackout. It’s now eight at night here in Cali, still light out. We started getting the candles and flashlights ready. Not knowing how long it will last this time.

One of our boys tried to get some sleep, as he does HVAC, and has an early and long day on Monday. He had very little luck. Our other son and his girlfriend decided to go visit an aunt who lived near by and has AC. She was lucky not to be included in the town blackout. My husband and I sat out in the back yard for a bit. Their were beautiful amber-colored clouds with the sunset. Yes they were so beautiful.

We tried everything we could to stay cool with cold rags, ice packed and paper fans. We even went to the extent of sitting in the car with the air conditioner full blast. We noticed other neighbors doing the same. That was the best idea until we had to try to get some sleep and go back in the house.

This was a very long night for us. We left our front door open, we have a screen door too, for a little relief. Chico kept barking at the stray cats every time they passed the door, so we ended up closing it.

I’m going through menopause so I was already hot. The best way I was able to cool off was to fan myself all night, with no sleep. Everyone was able to get some type of sleep except me.

Finally the electricity went back on about 3:30 am, with just an hour to sleep before my husband had to get up for work.

So after our crazy hot night, I hope the rest of our week is cool!







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