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I’ve been very distant with my mother for many years now.

Most will never understand my feelings on this matter. Her and I have never had the bond you would expect a mother and daughter to have.

Many have told me I need to get passed whatever is stopping me from having a relationship with her. No one will ever understand our feelings towards each other and why this will never be.

I only wish we could have had the love for one another during my younger years, but it never happen. We just lived our lives together as mother and daughter.

Don’t get me wrong she did provide for us and made sure we went to school, had medical, food on the table and always a place to live.

I’m mainly talking about the relationship between the two of us. I don’t want to speak for my sisters, but I will say, four sisters in one house were raised all different. We each turned out to have very different lives.

I remember hearing of friends who had a close bond with their parents and I always felt jealous. It would have been nice to have that same love in my childhood too.

I am thankful for where I am now in my life and I wish the same for my mom too. I don’t have bad thought towards her and I wish her the best life. I just choose for it not to include me.



2 thoughts on “Distant”

  1. It’s that life that has made you who you are today. Beautifully written. I was close with my mother but harbor those feelings towards my father. Thanks for your words.

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