Daily Word

Daily Word for July 14


We are all children of God.

Physicists tell us that every particle is connected to every other particle in the universe. The same is true for humanity. Nobody is separate or set apart. No one is superior or inferior. We all come from the same Divine Source.

The inner light that births us and sustains us also unites us in a spiritual purpose, which is to grow and change and be. The essence of every soul is revealed as our inner spirit in which we are all one.

How can we best access this God-oneness, which guides and heals? When we take a moment to focus on the heart, we find our connection to every other soul. In our oneness with God, we find our oneness with every other soul along the path of life.

You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and . . . your neighbor as yourself. – Luke 10:27


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