Daily Two Word Prompt

Celebrate Life

Two-Word Prompt #44 "Celebrate Life" No one has the right to physically abuse you No one has the right to mentally harm you No one has the right to violate your privacy No one has the right to control your choices No one has the right to steal from you No one has the right… Continue reading Celebrate Life

Daily Two Word Prompt

Daily Two-Word Prompt #94

"Life today" Write a story or poem using the two-word prompt. Be creative and have fun writing! Please link your response to this post or add you link to the comments below, so others can view. :)Teresa

Daily Word

Daily Word for Aug. 2

Healing The life of God flows through me as renewing energy. The breath of God gives me life, making me a living, breathing expression of Spirit. Life is energy and should I experience a health challenge, I find peace in knowing that I am created in wholeness. Healing is a process while wholeness is my… Continue reading Daily Word for Aug. 2