Daily Word

Daily Word for Aug 10

Divine Order

I honor all people as part of God’s love and beauty expressed.

How can I affirm divine order in the midst of less than ideal situations? There is a great peace and serenity in accepting all is well and everything is happening for the best, regardless of current circumstances. As I relax into the truth of divine order, I step into the flow of positive outcomes. I trust that my life is being guided by the wonderful, positive force for good that is God’s presence within me.

Not only is everything in my universe in perfect balance with the grace of God, I am as well. I am poised and harmonized by the spirit of God. I am as I am meant to be and I am guided into greater expressions of good. I let go, trust and open up to my new spirit guided direction.

Great peace have those who love Your law; nothing can make them stumble. – Psalm 119:165


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