YouTube: DIY Chocolate Rose Buquet

I really enjoyed making this chocolate kisses bouquet of roses and I hope you have fun too! Just click the link below! :)Teresa DIY Chocolate Kiss Rose Bouquet  

The Joy in Loving

Mother Teresa’s ‘The Joy In Loving’ Feb 14

'In the face of all difficulties, doubts and objections, trust in Him, He will not let you down. If God does not grant the means, that shows He does not want you to do that particular work. If He wants it done, He will give you the means. Therefore do not worry.’

Daily Three-Word Prompt

Daily Three-Word Prompt #16

Write a story or poem using the three-word prompt. Be creative and have fun writing! I’m looking forward to reading how you use the three words together. Please link your response to this post or add your link to the comments below, so others can view.                  … Continue reading Daily Three-Word Prompt #16