I’m Teresa and I would like to welcome you to my new blogging experience

I’m a wife of 26 yrs. & a mother of two handsome adult boy’s

I love music, crafting, drawing & writing poetry, children stories or whatever comes to mind . I would love to publish a book one day too

I hope you enjoy this journey with me and follow my posts

I will be sharing ┬ámy creative crafts, some thoughts of writing and travel photos as well as some of my YouTube video’s

I’m excited to be inspired and be an inspiration on my new blogging journey here

Please feel free to leave any comments. Thank you :)Teresa


14 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Teresa I love your challenge awesome idea I hope you get from all states. Thank for telling us little bit about yourself I can’t wait to read that book of yours let us know when you get it done i will sure buy one. Keep up the good work you do and always keep being you that what we love craft on my friend hugs tina (startingover)


  2. Hi Teresa. I saw a video on Peggy Strong’s channel to check your channel out and help you reach your subbie goal of 2,500 subscribers so you can count me in

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  3. Teresa
    Hello this is Tina from Happy Mail , I will joining into your challenge , I watch your video all the time , For some reason I didn’t see the 2500 challenge but I saw the up date so I’m on it now , I will being the ATC or VR once I get VR done ,please check your email so I can get your address
    Thanks Tina from Happy Mail

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  4. Hi Teresa! MissDirection27 here! I would like to thank you for following my blog! Warning, it’s nothing professional. I’m a 15 year old girl who’s blog is all about my own little fantasies.
    I was reading your daily prompts and words and I must commend you on them! They are very well thought through no matter how long or short!. I am very interested in trying the short poem ones, but I would need help with how to link my post to yours. I am still quite new to using WordPress. I use an phone and a computer when messing around with it.
    Overall thank you again, and if you have any tips, I would greatly appreciate!


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