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Confused Teen

You think you know me but, You don't. It may seem like I have my life all figured out but, I don't. Yes I do have a positive family to help guide me but, Life isn't always set. I struggle with so much in my life being constantly in the public eye. You may not… Continue reading Confused Teen

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Surprise Letter

Today a received a letter, in form of an early birthday card, from my mom and as I read it, it brought tears to my eyes, why I'm not sure. We haven't really spoken since 2012, I know it's a long time. I felt like I missed so much growing up from her, like a real… Continue reading Surprise Letter

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Our First Born

Happy 29th Birthday Sonđź’–

Teresa Creation's

I remember 28 years today so clearly as if it was not so long ago.

Going into labor was all new to me and not knowing what to expect was a little unnerving. The pains started at early dawn and didn’t seem to go away. I just kept pacing back and forth in our bedroom rubbing my tummy.

A few hours had passed with no change. My sister-in-law lived with us, she said I was in labor and it was time to go to the hospital.

We were both excited and scared at the same time. My husband bath me and got our baby bag, then we were on our way to have our baby.

After getting checked in and taken to our room, it was now about 7 am. Next it was time for the nurse to put my IV and check vitals. She messed up on her first…

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Change Our Angry World

I'm not happy with our ever-changing world. Something is different in a lot of people that makes our world a bit scary. Some are frightened to go out for a simple walk to the store or even to take your pet to the park. Instead we feel like we're locked up in our homes, just… Continue reading Change Our Angry World