Reblog: Why No One Reads Your Blog (and What to Do about It)

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Birth of Our Second Child

“Happy 26th Birthday Son”

Teresa Creation's

Giving birth to your children is something you will always remember and 25 years has not changed our memory.

We thought we were going to have our baby on Easter when my water broke. We freaked out not knowing what to do. I called my sister since the same happened to her just a month before, she said to go in to the hospital.

I wasn’t having any pains at this time, my husband called the hospital, they said to bring me in quickly. Yep we rushed there not knowing what to expect since our first delivery was very different. We were seen immediately and was told it was too soon, I wasn’t dilated at all, to go home and come back the next day after I had done lot’s of walking.

We were confused about this but followed the doctor’s order and went home. We returned at two pm the…

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Re Blog: How to Balance Quality with Quantity

by Meg Dowell Writing a lot and writing well at the same time? It’s not easy, but it’s possible. I know of writers and overall content creators who publish a new piece of content every day — and their work is usually good. But not always great. I also know of creators who […] via How… Continue reading Re Blog: How to Balance Quality with Quantity


Reblog: Rosemarie Groner: How to Tell a Good Business Class

Rosemarie's Blog Link If you struggle with trying to figure out how to make blogging work for you, then this email is for you. I’ve been where you are and in the first year that I blogged, I increased my pageviews to 320,000 per month and made enough to make blogging my “full-time” job (but… Continue reading Reblog: Rosemarie Groner: How to Tell a Good Business Class


ReBlog: Ulta Reselling Makeup?

Ulta Beauty has been accused by a former employee of reselling used makeup that was returned by customers, and the brand’s fans are expressing their outrage on social media while the brand investigates the claims. The former employee, who goes by Fatinamxo on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, posted a lengthy Twitter thread recounting her experience… via… Continue reading ReBlog: Ulta Reselling Makeup?


How to start a blog: The Busy Budgeter

The easiest way to start a blog (when you aren’t a computer geek) Update: 2/21/17 If you’re looking to increase your blog income quickly, there’s a FREE Blog Trainingthat’s extremely powerful (I did it last year) called A Simple Framework for Success. There’s a few problems, it’s LIVE (no replays) and you MUST be registered by March 2nd,… Continue reading How to start a blog: The Busy Budgeter


“Colin Kaepenick In Context”

Words of Mr. Eddie Huang Instagram Post "Today is the one year anniversary of the first time Kaep sat during the National Anthem. Colin Kaepernick is an American Hero. He did something that President Donald Trump couldn't even do after the events in Charlottesville. He took a look at this country and was appropriately critical "I… Continue reading “Colin Kaepenick In Context”