YouTube: Cricut Cuttlebug

I received a Cricut Cuttlebug from my Secret Santa during our Christmas in July celebration. If you don't know what a Cricut Cuttlebug is, its a manual die cutting machine. Which scrapbooker's & crafters use for their projects. Please click the link below to view my video. :)Teresa My NewCricut Cuttlebug


YouTube: Cherry Cream Cheese Pie

This is an easy and delicious recipe to try. You can use any fruit filling you would like, I decided to make mine cherry. Please click the link below to see the easy to follow recipe. :)Teresa Cherry Cream Cheese Pie


YouTube: Pom-Pom Teddy Bear Tutorial

I had so much fun creating my little pom-pom Teddy Bear's! I hope you give it a try too! I used a pom pom maker and my favorite yarn to help me create them. One in blue the other in pink, next is a brown Teddy bear! Please click the link below to view and… Continue reading YouTube: Pom-Pom Teddy Bear Tutorial