Daily Word

Daily Word for Aug 15

Purpose Guided by Spirit, I live on purpose. A child may apologize for some error by saying, “I didn’t do it on purpose.” There is a simple wisdom in that apology. When my thoughts stray from my Spiritual purpose, I find myself creating frustration, pain and strife. My purpose is to be Spirit expressing. I… Continue reading Daily Word for Aug 15


“Colin Kaepenick In Context”

Words of Mr. Eddie Huang Instagram Post "Today is the one year anniversary of the first time Kaep sat during the National Anthem. Colin Kaepernick is an American Hero. He did something that President Donald Trump couldn't even do after the events in Charlottesville. He took a look at this country and was appropriately critical "I… Continue reading “Colin Kaepenick In Context”

Daily Word

Daily Word for Aug 13

Awareness I am aware of God’s presence in everything I do and everyone I meet. A first step in realizing our spiritual purpose is to become aware of the one Presence and one Power – God, the omnipotent – that defines the essence of everything. We see Divine Presence in great spiritual teachers, beautiful sunsets,… Continue reading Daily Word for Aug 13