Daily Word

Daily Word for Dec 11

Relationship I embrace the sacred opportunity in every relationship. As I reflect on the relationships in my life, I appreciate their wide variety. From time spent with those I hold dear to a simple smile exchanged in the checkout line, every connection I make provides an opportunity to shine light into someone’s life – whether… Continue reading Daily Word for Dec 11

Daily Word

Daily Word for Dec 4

Meditation I experience oneness through the art of meditation. Pablo Picasso once said, “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” I practice meditation as an art form that cleanses the dust of my mind. Like an artist absorbed in a craft, when I meditate upon God, I become engulfed in the… Continue reading Daily Word for Dec 4

Daily Word

Daily Word for Dec 3

Faith Spiritual understanding is always available through my Christ Self. My mind “knows what it knows” through the input of my senses and experiences. While practical choices can easily be made through this knowledge, spiritual understanding is not a function of mind. I access it when I am prayerfully centered in the energy of my… Continue reading Daily Word for Dec 3