Quote #4

We've got to keep hoping for our future and the future of our children. There are times things seem hopeless and dire, yet we always seem to pull through, things always seem to work out and the sun is always shining every morning. Whether an overcast day or bright and sunny. We're given another chance… Continue reading Quote #4


Quote 2

Just be the best person you can be every day, It’s not a popularity thing, it’s respect and admiration to be courteous and kind to everyone, we don’t know what troubles people have and we surely can’t tell what demons they’re fighting, but we can make their days a little brighter by being kinder, or… Continue reading Quote 2

Creative Writing

Change Our Angry World

I'm not happy with our ever-changing world. Something is different in a lot of people that makes our world a bit scary. Some are frightened to go out for a simple walk to the store or even to take your pet to the park. Instead we feel like we're locked up in our homes, just… Continue reading Change Our Angry World

Daily Two Word Prompt

Daily Two-Word Prompt #163

"Faith is" Write a story or poem using the two-word prompt. Be creative and have fun writing! I’m looking forward to reading how you use the two words together. Please link your response to this post or add your link to the comments below, so others can view. :)Teresa