Daily Word

Daily Word for June 22

Success Success comes when my divinity and humanity act together. What is success? I realize defining it for myself is the first step to experiencing it. When I get recognized for something I have achieved, I celebrate my success. If my goals need to change midway through, grace intervenes and carries me in a new… Continue reading Daily Word for June 22

Creative Writing

Blackout Night

Ok, so yesterday we had a couple of brownouts that turned into blackouts. In California we were are the triple digits, and will be all week. The first brownout was in the early evening for about fifteen minutes, then everything was out of electricity. This lasted about two hours. My husband and I went to… Continue reading Blackout Night

Daily Word

Daily Word for June 19

Communication I share a heart-and-soul connection with others. Through social media and cell phones, we can connect with family and friends instantly. We inform and are informed as our feelings and understanding go out to others with the click of a “send” button. Still communication doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It’s an activity between and… Continue reading Daily Word for June 19

Daily Word

Daily Word for June 18

Father’s Blessing God bless all father and fathers to be. A beloved and often repeated prayer by individuals and in groups begins, “Our Father . . .” There is both great responsibility and reward in playing the role of a father. Encouraging confidence in young ones calls for a parent to be present in all… Continue reading Daily Word for June 18